New participants of BeginIT
28 January 2020, Tuesday

Every month, the BeginIT Project welcomes more and more new participants. During last few months, two orphanages from Peru: Hogar San Francisco De Asis and Albergue Amparo, from Indonesia: Al-Mustafawiyah school from the city of Medan, from India: Lokadrash public School and Maa Bhawani Devi Memorial Public Academy from the Firozabad area. From Russia, “Center for helping orphans and children without parental care “Vektor”, rural schools “Ytyk-Kuel school named after A.I.Sofronova”, “Bulgunnyakhtakh School named after S.P. Efremov” and “Arctic Technopark “Icequant” from Zhigansk village have joined to the project.

At the moment, the students have already passed some sections of “Introduction to Computer Science”, “Web Development” and “Game Development”, and also they took part in the international movement “Hour of Code”.

The programming courses usually last 32 weeks. The curriculum consists of two semesters, in which several levels are mixed in a special way. The learning is online related flash games on a platform, where to move the heroes, to collect gems and to fight, you need to write down a certain code in a programming language. The levels are very colorful and they become more difficult each time, thereby challenging the one who is learning.

These courses are for children and adolescents from age 12 to 16, and one of the main criteria for participation in the project is the interest of children in Information Technology, the desire to learn something new and to discover the world of programming.

In the courses, participants not only learn to write codes, but also acquire useful skills. The following month, February 3, Safer Internet Day is celebrated around the world. This day, special Safety rules lessons and games are run among the students. 

The children will learn how to create a strong password, how to protect yourself from fraud, what is the difference between Private and Personal Information and what to do if you face cyberbullying.


Hogar San Francisco De Asis, Lima, Peru

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Albergue Amparo, Lima, Peru

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Lokadrash public School, Firozabad, India

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“Center for helping orphans and children without parental care “Vektor”, Neryungri, Russia

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“Ytyk-Kuel school named after A.I.Sofronova”, Ytyk-Kuel, Russia

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“Bulgunnyakhtakh School named after S.P. Efremov”, Khangalasskyi district, Russia

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“Arctic Technopark “Icequant”, Zhigansk, Russia

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To apply for participation in the project,  fill out a special form.