It is easy to program, everyone can program
20 January 2020, Monday

Meet a young programmer from Yakutia, Ersan Savvinov, who dreams of creating his own computer game.

Since an early age, he has had hearing and speech impairment. Ersan is currently in the 7th grade of the Republican Correctional Boarding School, which since 2019 has been a participant of the BeginIT project. This school has its own daily routine: getting up at 7 o’clock in the morning, then breakfast, lessons till lunch. After lunch, children, as a rule, have different courses and sections, everyone can choose what to do.

Ersan goes to the football section with classmates, and also attends the programming course. Children there learn the basics of Computer Science, Web development and Game development. At the age of 14, Ersan has already clearly decided that he wants to connect his life with the IT world: “It's easy to program, everyone can program.”

Also, he loves Russian language lessons: “I want to write and speak so that everyone understands me,” he admits.

Translated from the Yakut language, the name “Ersan” means “courageous”. We would like to wish everything great and wish him to not give up in front of any difficulties.



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