The BeginIT project launches a new academic year 2020 for learning programming!
13 January 2020, Monday

BeginIT is a Sinet Team socio-educational project aimed at identifying and vocational guidance in the field of new technologies for capable children from orphanages, boarding schools and rural schools.

Currently, 27 orphanages, boarding schools and rural schools are participating in the project. These are about 250 students who study programming in 12 different countries of the world.

To participate in the project you need:

  • the desire of children to learn to program;
  • group of children 12-16 years old;
  • computer class with internet access;
  • computer science teacher who will oversee the courses. If you do not have a teacher, we will help in his search.

The course program includes such disciplines as: Computer Science, Web Development and Computer Game Development. Children will learn one of the two most useful programming languages: Javascript or Python.

Also, various events are held within the project, the purpose of which is to increase digital literacy and interest in the IT culture.

Learning lasts about 6-8 months, at the end of the course certificates are issued.

To apply, fill out a special form.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Email us at