The BeginIT Challenge 2019. Results.
06 December 2019, Friday

This fall, as part of the BeginIT social educational project, BeginIT Challenge 2019, a web development contest, was held between the teams participating in the main program.

For three months, children from different countries have been working on their projects. The main criteria for evaluating the final projects were social significance and practical benefits. In addition, factors such as technological solution, idea, design and completeness of the presentation project were evaluated. It is worth noting that the guys approached the choice of topics in all seriousness. Here are some of them:

- Online School of First Aid for Victims of Earthquakes and Emergencies;

- Environmental project for the plastic waste management.;

- A site for communication of public organizations and orphanages;

-A site dedicated to donation, how to become a donor and a base of blood donors.;

- Protection during an earthquake and volcanic eruption (step by step instructions);

- The project of the digital museum-archive;

- A site for helping lonely old people and children with disabilities.

BeginIT Challenge is organized among children aged 12 to 16 who are in difficult situations. The purpose of the competition is to increase the social adaptation of this category of the population, and to popularize the IT and intellectual professions.


The students from the Verkhnevilyuisk children's center of orphans presented “Reforestation” project. Despite the fact that during the process of working on the project, most of the team dropped out of the competition and only two participants remained, they made a strong-willed decision and continued to work on the project. Thus, they reached the final by presenting a site based on HTML / CSS.

“We were very worried during the submit and did not expect to take a prize. This is a huge experience for us. Now we know that the creation of such projects requires a lot of painstaking work, attention and creativity. It is necessary to devote several minutes every day and then the results will not be long in coming. Thanks for the contest! ”, - the team shared their impressions.

Congratulations to the team with a third place award! They get Robotics kit: LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Design. With the help of 3D instructions, they will be able to assemble a robot model and program it. We hope that thanks to this set, they will continue to study the fascinating world of programming.



Awesome work was done by students from the Kyllah school. The Tuskul team presented a draft of a digital book about their native land called “The Glorious Kyllah Island”. They are not going to stop at this and in the future they plan to add a virtual 3D tour to the site. The Tuskul team won second place and a prize - Robotics Kit: LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3.

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this kind of competition. For children, this is a great achievement. We are very glad that we managed to take 2nd place. This is a big push for rural children,” commented on the victory of his team Nurgun Bunchin, their teacher. 








Despite the problems with the Internet, the children from the Fundación Ecosueños orphanage not only created a site dedicated to first aid, but also came up with a Scratch-based game with three difficulty levels. Natural disasters are one of the pressing topics in Latin America, every year thousands of people suffer from earthquakes and floods. This team started learning programming this spring.

First place Award and the main prize - new computers, goes to the team from Bogota, Colombia. Congratulations!


“We studied enough material to understand that programming is both difficult and exciting. Thanks to the acquired skills, now we can not only create sites, but also different games. During the learning, we also practiced our English well. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a project! We are very happy! ”, - team captain Gabriel Mendez shares his impressions.

The jury also decided to reward Gabriel Mendez for an excellent presentation of the project and full answers to questions. In the future, Gabriel dreams of becoming a programmer.



We wish our participants success! The teams showed genuine indifference, backed up by technical knowledge!