The first BeginIT lessons were held in Mexico
11 March 2019, Monday

Students from two orphanages in Mexico participated in the international project BeginIT on distance learning in IT disciplines, organized by Sinet Team.
BeginIT is a social and educational project of inDriver. The project has been in operation since 2012 and is aimed at identifying talented children from orphanages, low-income families and families with many children, as well as providing career guidance in the field of new technologies.

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This year, the program involves one hundred children from orphanages and rural schools in four countries where inDriver mobile service operates - Kazakhstan, Russia, Mexico and Colombia.
In Mexico, the participants of the project were students of the Hogares Providencia IAP orphanage from Mexico City and Casa Guadalupe libre IAP from the city of Hermosillo.
We recruited a group of 12-15 year old teenagers. At this age, children are already beginning to think about choosing a future profession. We believe that participation in our project can serve as an impulse for talented children from rural schools and orphanages, that will lead them to the world of intellectual professions, change their lives for the better, - says the supervisor of the project, director of the charity fund "Indriver" Alexandra Kirillina.

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During the first lessons, under the guidance of their mentors, the boys and girls began to study Computer Science and Web Development under a special "Code Combat" program.
"I liked the first lesson very much, it turned out that programming is very interesting and not so difficult, the main thing is to do everything in the right sequence. Thanks to the BeginIT lessons, I want to learn how to create useful mobile applications myself" says Marco Montes Altamar, a 16-year-old member of the FUNDACION POR NUESTRA CIUDAD program.